With NextTask, remembering has never been this easy!

Do you have a stressful life with a lot of things to remember? We know we do, that is why we created NextTask. With our user-centric and minimalistic design, remembering has never been easier!

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Remembering has never been this easy!

Always carry your tasks and notes with you. There is no need to carry around pen and paper when you have NextTask backing you up. Quickly add new tasks or notes in seconds without hassle.

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Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

Franz Kafka

Kill all of your excuses

With NextTask adding and checking off tasks is super easy. In just a couple of seconds you can add a new task. And if you specify a deadline, it will even remind you to finish the task before it is too late. There are no more excuses for not being productive!

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Use our powerful features to manage your tasks

Utilize our flexible and powerful features to organize your tasks, set reminders, specify due dates and add them into collections of folders.

Set due dates

Specify deadlines or due dates by which a task should be completed and get reminders before it's too late.

Contextual folders

Use our folder system to organize your tasks and notes in a easy way. They also contextually indicate the status of their content.

Voice recognition

Why bother typing when you can speak to your phone? Speak what's on your mind and NextTask will write it down for you.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are two Swedish students from ABB Industrial High School in Västerås, Sweden, with a passion for productivity and technology. During our second year at ABB Industrial High School we got the opportunity to start our own company in collaboration with Young Enterprise. So we sat down and discussed what would be a fun product to develop and sell. We thought, why not combine our two interests and make a product out of it! And so our company, NextApp was born along with our productivity app, NextTask for the Android platform.

We have developed the application and website on our own without external help or sources. The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of our product and to showcase the product itself along with examples of how it can be used.

David Fant

CEO & Developer

I am a geek and programmer, and love everything connected to thinking logically. My passion lies in thinking outside the box and solving new problems. I am the brain behind NextApp and develop the apps. During my leisure, I enjoy building web pages and apps, and also playing the guitar.


Eric Edelo

Design & Marketing

I am a tech-lover, design-freak and a digital jack-of-all trades. I am also the creative drive behind NextApp and I create the graphics used in our product and marketing. On my spare time I work on web design, creating 3D models, animate or work on expanding my programming skills.

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